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Rust Prevention PageA-13 Infill Hand Plane

WD-40 Is What I Use.

I have not been doing a lot of woodworking so my planes are at risk and it is working fine for the last 4-5 years. I have not been doing a lot of hand planing and wood finishing to know the affects of the WD-40 and finishing, but I wipe my planes down and always take more than one shaving of wood with the plane to make sure there is now WD-40 left on a finished wood surface to react with the finish I use on the finished project..

I did read on the Web about some woodworkers that warm their planes in the oven and apply paste wax so it melts in to the pores of the plane, sound like a good idea to me but wiping the plane when finished with it here in Georgia withiy's very high humidity is the method that works for me.. In the Summer my Table Saw can rust in a few hours with my sweaty hands on it..

I use Top Coat on my table saw and hand saw blades and I guess will work well on planes and other hand tools but it does leave a white film and think WD-40 never has let me down but you can not let it mix with finished wood surfaces.. That is why I do not use it on my table saw..

I also use Motor Oil on tools in long term storage tools like my collection of hand saws and this works very well..

I started using camellia oil and had several plane stored in front of a AC duct and had the planes rust several times and each time I buffed the rust off I applied it heaver each time..
This was over the coarse of maybe a few weeks the rust would start.. I don't have to much faith in camellia oil any more.. I would use it on wood based planes on their irons but no longer on metal planes..

I also use 3-In-One High-Performance Penetrate on pitted rust areas I have lapped smooth, I try to get a puddle to sit on the area and seep in to the pores..

I have finished a few planes and had lightly pitted areas come back during delivery after using wax.. I now use the 3-In-One even after Electrolysis as that doesn't seen to stop the rust action either.. so far the 3-In-One as worked..

I now use Kano Labs AERO KROIL since it is the best penetrate on the market today..


Some Folks use Paste wax, like Johnson's or Renaissance Wax, as it helps make the plane slip over wood making hand planing easier they say.. 

As I said before melting Past Wax on warmed metal planes also works well, Garrett Hack recommends Boiled Linseed Oil and Paraffin Wax (Candle Wax) melted together for Wooden Planes and with the above method of warming plane in oven should work very well.. Garrett says the using just BLO in humid climate will cause the plane to mold.. 


Camellia Oil, Penetrol, Boeshield, Top Coat

All of these work well, I like Top Coat or CRC Table Guard for my hand saws as it leaves a white powdery film. I have read the Penetrol works well well seeps into the pores of the wood and can be found at Paint Store as it is a Paint additive.

Many wood plane users like Camellia Oil.. Used both for preventing corrosion and for easing chisels and knives through wood. Use a light wipe on all your steel tools to keep them clean & shiny.. This oil has no effect of wood or finishes from what I know..

You could also use Japanese Tool Oiler (Aburatsubo Tool Oiler)
Japanese craftsmen traditionally kept a small bamboo pot stuffed with cotton wadding within easy reach on their tatami mat work surface. Liberally laced with camellia oil, the wadding served as an automatic oiler for chisels plunged into the pot; a small bit of wadding seized between the fingers sufficed for a quick lubricating wipe on saw blades.

Hand Plane RefinishingThis section still needs to be updated but has some of my secrets of plane refinishing .. Make sure you read up on the 3M (Magic) De burring Wheel ..

Hand Plane Iron Set UpMany people call the Iron the blade and the Cap Iron a Chip Breaker but I prefer to use the old terms and a chip breaker does really break chips.
I have a nice shot set up tutorial on how to adjust the lateral adjuster to get a even cut across the length of the blade..

Hand Plane Tune UpI have few methods in this guide is use will help you get the best performance out of your planes.. Also make sure you read the David Charleworth article at the bottom .
I hope to adding a lot more content to the topic soon..

Bench Plane Type StudyThis section will let you figure out how Old is your Bailey Plane?
This is a guide, it was made after Stanley made the plane, it was not what Stanley used to make the planes.. There are Anomalies that have different features from two types on one plane, you could also have parts that were switched. So use it but all of these guides are not etched in stone..

Handle Repair This section cover how to repair broken or chipped plane handles. I have two methods one is using a 1/4" steel pin with some masking tape which I think works best to like up pieces and another which using a threaded rod that I need to change the rod to a 1/2" and try that with some masking tape as a shim..

Handle RefinishingThis section covers how to refinish you plane handles.. Shellac is the the best finish I know to have you beauty of the rosewood show through. You can then use lacquer on top of the shellac but you must make sure you used De-Waxed Shellac and not plain shellac..

My Hand Plane CollectionI have a few of the planes in my collection listed here. I mainly collect Type 15 Sweetheart's ..

What's Japanning ?Here is some recipes and links to other folks pages on how Japan you plane..
The Japanning is the black finish that looks a lot like paint.. I have listed a Motor Paint that looks just like the japanning Stanley used and is very durable and is my choice for refinishing if your just getting started. Its cheap and almost fool proof..

Hand Plane Makers ShopsThis page is brand new is is pictures of the shops of hand plane makers I admire.. Everyone enjoys images of peoples shops and since I inspire to be a plane makers I love seeing others shops and thought I would add a page.. I will be adding more soon..
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do..

Wooden Hand PlanesLots of people I know swear that wood planes cut much better than metal based planes.. I have not really had to time to do any tests but hope to some day. Also I am friendly with Steve Knight from Knight Tool Works and he will give you 10% off the price of his planes if you tell him you read it here..

Rust PreventionFew Methods on how to stop rust for occurring on you planes..

ElectrolysisThis is a method to remove rust no make that kill rust.. It really does not do the job I thought it would after reading about it but on planes where the rust keeps coming back or was rusted badly from the start then is the method I use to give me peace of mind..

What Hand Plane Should I Buy ? Answers as to what planes are best to buy for a new woodworking just starting down the road of using hand planes....

Sharpening I have a whole sub section devoted to sharpening hand plane Irons.

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