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MK III Sharpening SystemA-13 Infill Hand Plane

My Sharpening Machine

This is a machine I modeled at the the Lee Valley MKII and Lap Sharpe Sharpening System.. They are the best machines out there for flatten backs of old blades and irons in my opinion and I have sharpened a lot..

MK III Sharpening System

This is my attempt to make a starpening system like the Lee Valley MKII.. I believe this is maybe the best method for sharpening hand tools made today..

I started out with just a few Norton Oil Stones I owned that I used to sharpen my speed skates many moons ago... Since them I now wn many oil stones and a few very fine water stone that I still use for final honing..

I hope to complete the MKIII in a few weeks.. Right now I just use to for flatting backs of blade and chisels and these is no better unit I know to do this.. I give you a break down of the parts I used to build this $60 system..


Parts and Sources

Main part of the sharpener is the platter, I used a Jet 8" Lathe Face Plate $9.99 I just checked and they are out of stock on these so you will have to go with a WoodCraft 8" Sanding Disc $19.99
Next you need a 5/8" Pillow Blocks $7.00 each you need two
I used a GE 1/2 HP 1725 RPM Motor I bought at eBay Electric Motors with corad and switch brand new for $9.99.. I bought this months in a advance cuase it was a bargain I could pass up, you may have to pay more if your in a hurry..
For the shaft I used a piece of 5/8" Drill Rod from ENCO and tapped the end 1/4-20 for a thumb screw.
If you join ENCO's mailing list they will send you a code for free shipping every month for orders over $50, not a bad deal.. And for screwing parts to 3/4" plywood I used this 1/4-20 Threaded Screw Inserts from Highland Hardware..
I also bought a bunch of .060 thich stainless steel sheeting that I will clad the whole usit with and add handles and a tool rest that I may buy for LeeValley and save myself the work of designing it..




With Side

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